Sky Blue by Julie Cassar (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Sky Blue

What a great book! A lot happens in Sky Blue, so I’ll just go through my thoughts on it in a list format.
– Katrina, the princess of the Sky Court, is introduced in this book. I love the nickname that Ruby gives her: Ka-Trampy. It fits her well!
– When Ruby asked Brennan if he wanted to date her and he said, “That is not my intention,” I knew right then that he wanted her to be his lifemate. Ruby didn’t find out until later, though.
– I got all excited when Brennan said Jeremy and Ruby get to go to Fey for the festival. I’ve been so curious about what Fey looks like and how it compares to the human world! Unfortunately the festival doesn’t happen in this book. It better happen in the next book or else I’m going to be severely disappointed!
– I don’t know if I would’ve forgiven Nick as quickly as Ruby did. He DID kiss Katrina, but she has that fairy attraction thing going on, so maybe it wasn’t his fault. But Brennan saw the same thing and immediately cut Katrina off, so maybe Nick could’ve resisted. Ah, I could go around and around all day on this. I’m just glad I don’t have to make that decision!
– We get to meet another supernatural creature in this book! His name is Afari and he’s part of the Chuchunaa tribe. He’s basically Big Foot, though.
– Katrina is a psychopath! She kidnaps Nick and tells Ruby and Co. that they have until midnight to come and get him or else… But she doesn’t even want them to succeed! I doubt killing Nick will help you get Brennan to like you, Katrina. And the way she went from laughing maniacally to breaking down crying in the space of a second was definitely weird too!
– I like how Katrina’s father apologized for her behavior by making the Northern Lights appear to Ruby and her friends. I wish someone would apologize to me like that! Lol
– I didn’t really understand how Ruby could be Fey all her life without her knowing. I mean, is she a changeling? I was just super confused by that.
– I felt bad for the wolves, bats, and birds that Katrina sent after Ruby and her friends. It said that most of them walked away injured or were left unconscious. I know the group had to defend themselves, but the poor animals weren’t doing it on purpose! They were bespelled!
– I liked how Anya always knew when Brennan and Ruby needed some alone time to talk and made sure they got it. She’s such a great friend to Ruby.
– I still want to know what it meant that Brennan gave Ruby the ring. Maybe it was just a promise ring, but the way Katrina acted when he told her seemed a little overboard for just a promise ring. But then again, Katrina is crazy. Lol
– I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I like how the Fairy Courts in this series are broken up by elements. Usually when I read a book about fairies, the courts are broken up by season or by the Seelie/Unseelie, so this was a nice change.
– My favorite line in this book was when Katrina was in the whirlpool and it was “madly spinning Katrina around like a ragdoll stuck in a washing machine.” (PG. 217) That imagery was hilarious!
These books just keep getting better and better! I’m sad that there’s only one book left in the series! I’ve grown to like these characters! Oh well.  That’s the way it goes!  Four stars for Sky Blue!


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