Forever Blue by Julie Cassar

Forever Blue

Julie Cassar really outdid herself with Forever Blue! This final book has heart-pounding action, a bunch of romance, and some awesome world-building! Despite the small problems I had with the first book, I’m glad I continued with the series!

In Forever Blue, we get a few chapters from the point-of-view of Ruby’s enemies as they plot and scheme against her. I thought this inclusion kind of worked and kind of didn’t work. On one hand, it gave us important information that would have been hard to write in elsewhere. On the other hand, there was an info dump or two that cause me to lose interest in the chapter. One particularly big info dump told all about the backstory of one of Ruby’s enemies and why he was plotting against her. I understand this was an important thing to mention, but I wish it was done differently.

One thing I really liked about this book is that we finally get to see the land of Fey! The world-building was awesome. Cassar gave us so many great descriptions, yet didn’t go overboard and bore the reader with too many details. I was easily able to picture everything. I think my favorite part of the world of Fey was the tree that lit up with bioluminescence! I wish there were trees like that on Earth! How cool!

I do wish that we had gotten to meet more creatures in Fey than we actually did. We meet a unicorn and some pixies, but that’s about it. I wanted the author to describe the crowds of creatures Ruby saw on the festival day, but she didn’t. We do get some descriptions of a few mythological beings in other chapters of the book, though. For example, Brennan explains to Ruby what sylphs and harpies are.

Another tiny thing that bugged me for some reason was the word “gulp.” Every time Ruby got nervous, she would literally say “gulp” in her thoughts. It just seemed like it was used WAY too much in this book. In fact, I did a search in my kindle copy of this book and it came up with 24 instances where it was used!

All in all, I really enjoyed this series!  Everything was wrapped up well, although I still want to know what book Ruby got Brennan for Christmas!  I would highly recommend the Ruby Blue series to anyone who’s in the mood for an action-packed novel, a swoon-worthy romance, or just a fast-paced book filled with memorable characters! 4 stars for this book!


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