In the Forests of the Night by Kersten Hamilton

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In the Forests of the Night is the second book in the Goblin Wars trilogy by Kersten Hamilton. While it was still intriguing and kept me entertained throughout, I think I liked the first book better.

The story continues where Tyger Tyger ended. The author put the last few pages of the first book in the prologue to remind you what happened. I thought this was a smart way to recap what happened in the first book. Usually authors weave the recap into the first chapter or two of the next book, along with whatever is happening now. I always try to skim the recap paragraphs and end up missing important new details, so I have to go back and reread those paragraphs again. That’s why I like Hamilton’s recap of Tyger Tyger: I can just skip it and not worry about missing any important details!

One of the reasons why I didn’t like this book as much as the first book is the pacing. Tyger Tyger was paced well, and the last quarter of the book was filled with action and was super fast-paced. In the Forests of the Night, on the other hand, was slower-paced, with little action until the end. It focused more on what happened in the aftermath of Tyger Tyger and how the characters coped with these changes. The last couple of chapters were fast-paced and action-filled, but they didn’t grip me like the events in the first book did.

I did like that there were more humorous moments in this book, though. For example, there is one scene where Ms. Skinner fixes her makeup in the reflection of the Wylltson house’s window, not realizing that everyone was staring at her from inside. I also liked how chaotic the first few chapters were. I mean, when there’s ten people/creatures living in one house, it’s bound to get a little crazy!

Finn and Teagan officially become a couple in this book. They talk about their relationship early on in the book, and Teagan makes it clear to Finn that just because they’re in a relationship doesn’t mean her life is going to be any different. She’s still going to go to Cornell University, hang out with her friends, etc. I really liked how level-headed she was about it. Everyone, from Teagan’s father to her best friend Abby caution them to take the relationship slow. After all, they’ve only known each other a couple of weeks. I was a bit disappointed that they only kissed once, and it was at the end of the book. I wanted there to be more swoon-worthy moments. Maybe in the next book?

One thing I was confused about was Roisin. Everyone knew that she didn’t know any English, yet people kept asking her questions. What’s even weirder is that she would nod or shake her head to answer them! How did she know what they asked her? Maybe she’s just good at interpreting hand gestures and understand the inflections in a sentence? I just feel that it was a bit unrealistic.

There are so many questions I have no answers for by the end of In the Forests of the Night! The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, but it’s bearable. Mainly because I have the last book in my possession so I don’t have to agonize over how it all ends! Four stars for this book! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dive into the final book in this trilogy, When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears!


Quotes I Liked:

Mamieo Ida was the image of a sweet Irish granny, except for the butcher knife in her hand.

– Pg. 22

“I’m a librarian,” Mr. Wylltson said. “We practice believing six impossible things before breakfast.”

– Pg. 53


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