When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears by Kersten Hamilton (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Stars threw down spears.jpg

This was a perfect end to this trilogy! I loved how it all played out, even if there were some sad parts. This review is going to be partly about the final book, but mostly just a summary of thoughts I had throughout the trilogy.

One thing I really liked about this trilogy was the idea that you become who you are through the choices you make rather than through a set destiny. This is a pretty unique idea in the books that I read. Usually they have a Chosen One who is destined to defeat the enemy/get the girl/become the queen. I haven’t read many books with the idea that your choices define you, and that there’s no set path you’re destined to take. I thought this was a really cool concept.

Another thing I noticed was the syntax of the sentences in the Goblin Wars trilogy. The author would use the structure of the sentences in these books to show the reader that Finn and Mamieo have Irish accents. A lot of the time, I’ll read a book where a character has an accent and the author will just tell you that once or twice but never actually show it in their dialogue. I thought that Kersten Hamilton did a marvelous job of showing the characters’ Irish accent through their dialogue instead of just telling us.

I loved how cultured everyone was in this book. Abby loved art and is a painter. Aiden sings songs all the time and is like a human jukebox. Mr. Wylltson is a librarian and quotes literature in his day-to-day speech. I thought this was really cool!

Speaking of culture, I thought that the quest John Wylltson set Finn was perfect. I don’t think that any other quest would have fit quite as well as the one that was chosen. It’s so John Wylltson that it put a smile on my face. And he came up with the perfect quest to keep Teagan and Finn from marrying any time soon, that’s for sure!

All of the characters in these books were well-rounded, memorable characters that will stick with me through the years. Although I never did warm up to Seamus. From the way he called Teagan a filthy goblin girl to when he declares he was destined to become king of Mag Mell, he was just too arrogant and self-assured for me to ever really like him.

I never would have guessed that the older couple that kept following Teagan and Finn around were themselves from the future! I thought that was such a unique way of showing that Finn and Teagan live long and happy lives. I thought they were going to be some sort of guardian creatures from Mag Mell or something, since they helped Teagan out by killing the sluagh for her.

Despite the deaths that occurred in this book, it ends on a hopeful note. I’m glad that it ends this way because I like happy endings that aren’t completely fluffy and everything works out perfectly. I’m glad that there was a bit of pain and suffering because that’s realistic.

I really enjoyed this trilogy. It had fast-paced action as well as well-rounded characters. I would highly recommend this trilogy and give the final book 5 stars.



“What’s that?” Gil had finished the sandwiches and was sniffing the roll of duct tape.

“Duct tape,” Finn said.

“Good to eat?”

“Na. It’s good for fixing phookas to cinder-block walls, though.”

Gil backed away from him. “I don’t want to be ducked to a wall.”

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