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My June Pagehabit Subscription Box!!

IMG_4529Hey everyone! So for Christmas 2017 I asked my mom for a Pagehabit subscription box, and she got me a six-month subscription! Needless to say, I was super happy! I mean, what could be better than a box with a book and bookish goodies delivered to my doorstep each month?

Well, my June box was the last box I will get because the subscription has ended.  But I thought I would share with you what all came in that box!  First, I want to share with you why I chose this subscription box! One thing that made me choose this box is the fact that Pagehabit donates a portion of each subscription to children’s literacy programs around the world!  Another reason I chose this box over others is because the book comes with comments by the author of the book on sticky notes, as well as a letter by the author!  So you can read what the author was thinking during a certain scene, who their favorite character to write was, etc.  Now onto the unboxing!

For this month’s subscription box, Pagehabit donated to an all-girls school in South Africa!

The book I got was The Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson:


I hadn’t heard of this book before I opened my Pagehabit box, so I looked it up on Goodreads, and it sounds like a murder mystery with witchcraft and zombie girls.  I’m not sure what to expect, but we’ll see what happens!  I also got a short story by John Sollitto called The Ones Who Remain.  It came in a little booklet, which was cool!

Now onto the bookish goodies!


From the top left counter-clockwise:

  • A Pull-light you can hang up anywhere
  • The Undead Girl Gang
  • A snow globe on a key chain with a deer inside
  • The short story The Ones Who Remain
  • A Laminated bookmark
  • The page that tells you more about Pagehabit’s donation
  • A bookmark that is flat except for the shoes, which stick out of the end of your book

So that’s it! That’s what a Pagehabit subscription box looks like!  I’m really sad that my subscription has ended, but who knows? I might have to buy another 6 months of it!

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