Discussion Q's

Discussion Questions for Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry

Hey everyone! My book club read Heretics Anonymous by Katie Henry recently and really liked it!  Here are some discussion questions I thought up while reading the book.  I hope they lead to great discussions in your book club!

  1. Do you think Michael begins his first day at St. Clare’s with an open mind? Or do you think he goes into it thinking it will be awful?
  2. Was the Catholic terminology explained well enough or did you have to look things up?
  3. The book never names the city or state the book is set in. Do you think the author did this on purpose? If so, why?
  4. Do you think the scene where Michael and his cousin Alex smoke weed was necessary? What do you think it added, if so?
  5. Do you think the Heretics Anonymous members would have eventually taken action if Michael hadn’t joined their club?
  6. Michael and his father fight about how they move every time his dad gets a promotion. Who do you think was right in that argument? Did they both have valid points?
  7. Who was your favorite character? Why?
  8. Do you think this book portrayed religion in a positive or negative light?
  9. What theme do you think was most prevalent in this book? (Friendship, religion, trust, etc.)
  10. What did you think of the ending? Was everything resolved well enough?
  11. Do you think Michael will go on to become religious in the future?


If you use my discussion questions, let me know in the comments which one led to the most discussion!  Happy reading!

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